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However before you send us any of your materials

We advise that you take a look at the rules guiding submissions.

1.   We accept submissions in the following categories: Erotic Stories (adults only), Fiction (flash fiction, short stories and series). Your series can be either fiction or non-fiction but please take note that it must be of good quality.

Non-Fiction – you have to inform us that it is a non-fiction so it can be filed under the appropriate category.

Tell us your real life relationship issues bothering you that you would like us to share on our social media platform to get advice on. Your identity will be anonymous as we understand the need to protect your privacy..

2.   We accept submissions that has been published elsewhere only if you are the original author or creator of the piece and do not violate any copy-right agreement of where it has been previously published. Any copy-right related issues will be directed to you and I will not take responsibility for it.

3.   In the case that we discover that a previously published work is not by you, we reserve the right to take it down.

4.  Always state clearly your name, the title of your work and include your social media handles in your submission except in the case of you Telling us your real life relationship issues

5.   Please be aware that we edit materials (writings) and may also change the title of your work. This is not to discredit the writer but to achieve the best attainable quality we feel there is and we make sure that editing does not affect the central message of the work. Your work will not be touched if we do not see any reason to do so. Making a submission means that you agree for your work to go under review and necessary editing.

6.   We do not offer monetary compensation to guest submissions except when we are running contests and money is involved in our prizes.

7.   All submissions should be sent through the below field