{Must Read} Red Ashes Episode 32

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{Must Read} Red Ashes Episode 31

The light skinned woman wasn’t smiling at all. The way she
barged into the house alone was enough to scare Kaka and
She eyed us, walked to the DVD and put off the music. I
stood up ‘good evening ma’ i greeted.
‘you’re very stupid!’ she retorted angrily ‘who are you
greeting? You little cheap slut! Just wait here, i’m calling the
police, you all are going to rot in jail! How dare you come to
my house? How dare you invade my privacy? Just wait here
and see….’ and she stared fumbling with her phone.
I looked at Nathan who had a smirk on his face.
‘but ma…’ Kaka said pulling Casmir to his feet ‘i…we are
sorry but your son invited us…’ then she looked at Nathan
‘Nathan, please tell her you invited us’
Nathan sipped from his glass cup ‘just let her do whatever
she likes. She’s a toothless dog’
I turned to him, i was shocked he could actually say such to
his mother. What kind of a child was he?
That seemed to make the woman angrier than she already
was. She rushed towards Nathan and grabbed him up
holding his collar.
‘how dare you?! How dare you call me a toothless dog? Me,
your mother a toothless dog? I will make sure you rot in jail
with your cohorts today. You! How much more would i take
from you? How much more insults Nathan? What on earth
have i ever done to you to make you hate and hurt me this
way. I’ve tried my best for you. You’re my only child and i
want nothing but the best for you! I sent you to one of the
best schools, i gave you the life of a king, but what do i get?
What is wrong with you! What?’ The woman spoke and tears
rolled down her face. She was trying her best not to cry and
my heart instantly went out to her.
She fell to the sofa, rested her face on her palms and cried.
I pulled at Nathan’s shirt ‘apologise to her quickly’ i said in
fierce whisper.
‘never!’ he released himself ‘she can go to hell and rote there
if she likes’ Then he picked up my bag ‘lets go’
I grabbed his hand ‘where do you think you’re going? You
think you’re leaving this place without apologising to your
mum?’ i asked raising my voice ‘apologise to her right now
Nathan, or i’ll leave and i’ll never speak to you again!’
He looked at me, then back to his mother. Then he started
walking towards her. For a moment, i thought he was going
to apologise to his mum. But all of a sudden, he turned and
threw my bag away with full force thereby spilling its
My pad. My tissue. My charger. Phone, purse, extra battery,
car keys, everything spilled on the floor. I was so angry. I
was so mad. How dare he? What right had he to do that?
I stared at him in anger. I resisted the urge to slap him. But
just when i was about to do something to him, anything at
all, Kaka came to me and pulled me out of the house while
Xaviercasmir packed my things.
I was so mad. I was so angry and i fumed throughout the
drive to my house. I was never going to forgive Nathan for
this. He was nothing but a proud and arrogant bastard who
couldnt be changed. He insulted me. I really really felt
I regretted going over to his place. I should have remained
at my house, or rather, i would have gone over to the hotel.
‘that guy Bleep up sha. But i dont blame him completely, his
mother messed up a bit’ Kaka said.
‘messed up as in?’ i asked ‘to me oo, that woman is not
wrong. Every mother would have reacted the same way they
did should their only son call them a toothless dog. How my
pikin go call me toothless dog? I no go kill am? Where was
he or she when his or her useless father was bleeping me in
and out? Abeg abeg…Kaka, no talk that kind thing. He was
supposed to apologise to his mother and to think he even
had the guts, the effontery, the audacity, the temerity to
throw my things away makes him a very stupid boy!’ i hissed
Casmir who was behind the wheels laughed loudly. Kaka too
‘its just that, you didnt tell him to apologise in the right
matter. That is, the way you take tell am com be like sey you
dey command am, you no get?’
‘how he go call im mama toothless dog? The thing dey
annoy me abeg’ i hissed ‘mannerless child!’
‘why you carry another person wahala for head like sey you
dey hawk plantain chips? How market?’ Kaka hissed.
‘abeg you shut up sef. You know sey as you mannerless so,
if you see person wey be like you, you go dey side am’ i
‘you dey craze! Na me you dey talk to?’ Kaka asked looking
back from the front seat.
‘face your front before i use slap follow you this night. I dey
vex hot vex oo’
‘babe, if you dey vex, na for your own pocket’
‘please you girls shouldnt fight sha’ Casmir said
concentrating on the wheels.
I hissed.

{Must Read} Red Ashes Episode 31

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