{Must Read} Red Ashes Episode 30

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This Episode Is Dedicated To Omolora Lawal …. Its her birthday

‘Nathan is having an affair…’ i told Qasa as she puffed thich
smoke into the air ‘this is not just a fling like the other times,
he’s having a serious relationship with another woman’
‘do you know who the other woman is?’ she asked lighting
another cigarette.
I thought. That woman on dreadlocks from the
hotel……..could it be she was the one warming Nathan’s
bed? I wondered. Knowing Nathan very well, he wouldnt
want anything with her or did he just want to pay her back by
sleeping with her and dumping her in the end? I wondered.
‘i really dont know the lady yet Qasa. But i’ll find out. I just
wonder what i’m going to do with her’
She chuckled ‘you leave that for me to handle. Its no
biggies. But…’ she paused and stared at me ‘there’s a but’
‘what but?’
Her left hand slowly snaked its way towards my laps. She
carressed it slowly and winked seductively at me ‘we need
to go all the way’
Cold shivers ran through my spine. ‘go all….go all the way
as…as in?’ i stammered.
‘you know what i’m talking about baby…’ she patted her laps
‘sit here’
I hesitated for a while. I’d never done this before…i…was
‘if you dont have sex with me, i’m not going to help you
retain your man’ she said a bit harshly.
I froze. And without a second warning, i crawled towards her
and sat on her laps. Then she consumed my lips in a kiss.
I’d never seen Nathan this happy before. He was whistling
and smiling, to the extent he even pecked me on my cheeks!
Wow! When was the last time Nathan ever did that? When he
was five years old?
I stared at him as if he had gone bananas ‘are you sure
you’re okay? Or all the marijuana or cocaine you’ve been
consuming has finally caught up with you?’
He laughed and sat beside me on the sofa ‘i’ve finally
decided to stop smoking’
I scoffed ‘who are you kidding? Look Nathan, i’ve had a bad
day, a very terrible day, just go upstairs to your room and
leave me alone’
‘of course!’ then he snorted ‘you’ve always wanted to be
alone right from when i was little…well, enjoy your brooding
alone’ He stood up and started whistling again. But i noticed
the malice in his voice. There was something about it.
Something wasnt right. Maybe that was the problem he had
with me. Was i focusing so much on my work that i was
deserting my only son?
I shook my head. I had so much on my plate. I didnt even
have the strength to think too much. I didnt want to even
think about anything at all.
I stood up and dragged myself to the kitchen.
I eyed Kainene as she stepped into the sitting room, dressed
in a lilac silk long dress with silver plaitings at the top. I
remembered the dress vividly, i had gotten it for her on her
twentieth birthday. I couldnt believe she had kept it until
‘where have you been?’ i asked.
She looked surprised ‘why are you back from the hotel so
‘why werent you at the hotel today?’ i asked.
‘oh common mum…’ she sighed, sitting on the couch beside.
She took off her black heels ‘is everything alright? You dont
look too well’ she placed her hand on my forehead ‘have you
had something to eat?’
‘Kainenechukwu, where have you been all day. I’ve been
calling your line but it wasnt reachable. I called Kaka and
she said she wasnt with you. So you abandoned your aged
mother at the hotel and started galivanting okwaya?’
‘oh mum, i’m terribly sorry….’ she slapped her palms on her
forehead ‘i woke up this morning and realised my flow had
come. The cramps and all, i was very weak. And by the time,
i decided to come down to your room, you already left for
the hotel. So i decided to rest for a while, but then the
cramps came heavier and it only relaxed in the evening.
Then, a friend of mine called me and we went out together,
i’m very sorry’
I sighed saying nothing.
‘but mum, what is it? Tell me. You look so dull and it looks
as if you have the whole world on your shoulders. You’ve
never questioned my whereabouts before, at least, since i
became and adult. And you’ve never scolded me for not
visiting the hotel as long as you are there to handle things’
she looked concerned.
I sighed saying nothing ‘Kainene, just go up to your room and
have a good night rest, i’m in no mood to talk’
‘mum…didnt you say a problem shared is a problem half
‘Kainene, please i beg you’ i placed my palms together ‘just
let it go for today, biko, i’m very tired and stressed, i wouldnt
want you stressing me more than i already am’
‘oya eat the sitting room!’ i said rising on my feet ‘if you will
not leave, then i will. Goodnight!’

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