{Must Read} Red Ashes Episode 29

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This Episode Is Dedicated To @Josy Nick

Our gazes locked. The sweet and slow music of Bruno Mars’
Grenade boomed on the speakers, but it wasnt loud.
It made the enviroment look serene and romantic.
I loved the way his coffee coloured eyes danced around but
his gaze still remained on my face.
I loved the way his long lashes hovered over his eyes, i loved
the way his dimples were visible even without him smiling.
His left hand touched my right hand on the table. I shivered
a little, then i smiled. I didnt know why i was smiling but i
knew i was crazy about this guy. This was all strange to me.
I had never felt like this with a guy before. Even MozB,
Moses Benson who had been my first crush and my best
friend, aside from Kaka, i had never felt this way with him
What was this feeling called? Love? No, i shook my head,
love wasnt for me. I wasnt cut out for love and i just knew it.
What i felt was nothing but infatuation, and that was
because this guy kept flirting with me.
Someone cleared her throat from behind and i was startled.
I quickly withdrew my hand from his.
I raised my head to see a caramel skinned beautiful waiter
smiling down at us. Her smooth black hair was packed in a
bun. The black skirt she wore accentuated her curves and
her white chiffon blouse was neatly tucked into her skirt.
‘you guys make a wonderful couple, are you married?’ she
asked smiling.
Then Nathan smiled ‘we make a wonderful couple?’ then he
turned to me ‘do you hear that?’ then he turned back to the
waiter ‘we are not married but about to’
I raised a brow ‘what?’
‘dont mind her!’ Nathan waved it off ‘she’s a very shy type’
‘i see…’ the waiter drawled ‘you guys would make an
excellent couple, i’m envious of you guys. But how come
you both are lightskinned? Aww, your children would be…..’
‘are you here to take our orders or you’re here to poke your
ugly nose into our business?’ i cut in sharply raising my voice
a notch ‘where is your manager? Why would they employ
unserious people like you?’
She stopped smiling and looked around ‘uhm…i’m really
sorry ma’am, i…i was just trying to be friendly, i’m really
sorry’ she postrated.
I suddenly felt bad. Yeah, she was only trying to be friendly, i
shouldnt have spoken to her the way i did. I smiled ‘i’m
sorry. I didnt mean to get angry. Will you forgive me? I’m
usually not very hot tempered’
‘exactly!’ Nathan said smiling.
I eyed him angrily, then faced the waiter ‘whats your name
‘Olamide, but you can call me Mide’
‘Mide, beautiful name. Because of you, i’ll frequent here
often…here…’ i handed her a tip which she gladly took.
‘thank you ma, thank you very much ma’
‘i’m Kainenechukwu and this is….’ i eyed Nathan ‘this is
Nathan…my…my friend. We’re not a couple, dont mind him
and his naughtiness’
‘why are you lying Nene?’ he winked.
Mide chuckled ‘your friend is one funny guy. Anyway, what
would you like to have?’
‘uhm….’ i looked and Nathan as if asking what i wanted.
Nathan placed his orders and Mide moved away.
‘you’re very nice. And you’re mysterious too. One minute
you’re angry, the next minute you’re nice. Will i ever
understand you?’ He asked.
I rolled my eyes ‘is this the cinema we were supposed to be
at? Nathan, what do you take me for? Do you think you can
say something else and do a different thing the way you
like? Do i look like a beggar to you?’
He sighed ‘why are you getting angry now?’
‘did i beg you to take me out?’
‘no. I’m sorry, it will never happen again’ his apologetic face
made my heart skip. I felt bad for shouting at him, then i
A minute later, Mide brought our orders and we started
‘so…’ i cleared my throat ‘why do you smoke?’
‘huh?’ he smiled and dropped his fork ‘why do you ask?’
‘because i find it annoying and since you want us to be
friends, i want to know because i can never be friends with
‘because its irritating and disgusting. How can someone just
start inhaling and exhaling smoke? Arent you killing
‘why dont you like smokers? Not every smoker is a bad one
you know’
‘look Nathan, if you want us to be friends, then you’ll have to
stop smoking else, i’ll walk away. I aint even interested in
your friendship…but if i must give it a trial, then your smoking
attitude, is going to make me change my mind’
He exhaled ‘smoking is something i dont think i can do
without. Many times i’ve tried stopping it but its always
impossible. Cant you just be friends with me?’ his face was
pleading ‘i’ll try to minimise it’
I hissed ‘do you think i’m here to play? If you dont
stop…infact…’ i picked up my purse ‘i’m leaving. Smoke all
you want but you can never be my friend!’ I stood up but he
grabbed my hand.
‘i’ll try my best. I’ll stop for your sake’

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