{Must Read} My Mistress Sons Episode 16 (Last Episode)

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{Must Read} My Mistress Sons Episode 15

Ann’s wedding day was set up to be at the ending of the month,Margret came over to Patricia’s house to see her daughter, they spent a lot of time together that day and even went together to pick a place,where the reception will take place,Chris himself was happy for his brother, all this while they didn’t know that he knew about the hospital his mother owned, but he told them the truth that day.

Chris: so the hospital will be a wedding gift now?

Patricia: what?

Chris: i mean your hospital.

Patricia: who told you that?

Chris: i found out myself.

Patricia: really?

Gerald: i told him!

Patricia: and he can’t Even keep a secret.

Gerald: i can!

Patricia: like seriously?

Gerald: yeah.

Daniel: so me and Ann are the only ones that doesn’t know?

Anna: i knew.

Daniel: and you didn’t tell me?

Anna: it was meant to be a secret.

Daniel: whatever.

Chris: Dan.

Daniel: yes

Chris: am sorry for everything.

Daniel: it’s okay,let the past take care of itself.

Chris: thanks a lot Lil bro.

Daniel: welcome.

Daniel received a phone call that day from Tina, she wanted to meet with him,Daniel decided to go and see her,they were both seating down in a restaurant ,after much talks and everything, Tina told him her reason on why she wanted to meet him.

Tina: Daniel let’s start over.

Daniel: what?

Tina: please, i promise not to repeat what happened before.

Daniel: am sorry but we can’t

Tina: i know you can’t forgive me now,just think about it please.

Daniel:(stood up) Tina am getting married.

Tina: what?

Daniel: am getting married soon.

Tina: to who?

Daniel: to Ann.

Tina: who’s Ann?

Daniel: my fiance,that used to be our house help.

Tina: if this is a joke,please stop it.

Daniel: am not joking and please i have to go home now,nice meeting you.(he picked his car key and left)


The couples matched to the altar where the exchanged vows and rings,Anna couldn’t help but smile through out,up till the moment they were to exchange kisses, and after the ceremony, they went over to their new house,a gift from Daniel’s father.

Tina couldn’t help but cry,she locked herself up in her room,Anita came over and tried her best to make her come out but she refuse to,so she was just left alone to cry.
The night after the wedding, Daniel lay on the bed with his wife Anna,he quietly asked her,almost whispering.

Daniel: can we try it again?

Anna: try what?

Daniel: you know what am talking about?

Anna: no we aren’t trying anything.

Daniel: come on.

Anna: no,(she said as she stood up from the bed and made her way to the bathroom,while Daniel got up and followed her)

Light fades….


Tnks for reading, next story coming up soon

{Must Read} My Mistress Sons Episode 15

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