• THE CHOSEN ONE {the beast of GEVAUDAN}
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    …..Episode 8…..
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    As I looked at my front, I saw Mr Wisdom looking at me,I was very scared that I’ve been discovered, I think the triggered in my fear can also change me back to my normal form, because i changed back to human to at once, I watch as Dandy groaned in pain on the floor, guilty feelings came rushing at me, I was surprised when Mr wisdom came to me instead of running, he moved closer to Dandy who looks like he is going to die soon.
    He told me to cut myself and drop some of my blood on Dandy’s injury, I don’t know if I should believe him or not,
    but I don’t have another choice here or I am going to become a murder, and seeing how calm Mr Wisdom is, it looks like he knows what he is doing.
    I picked the knife which Dandy use to attack me to cut myself on my wrist, I made sure I put it on his injured part and to my utmost surprise, the injury disappeared, and his flesh closed up. It was a wonder to me. But how did Mr Wisdom knew about this. 2 minutes later Dandy woke up and I think his brush with death made him lost the memory what transpired between the two of us.
    Tho he was surprised to see his cloth filled with blood and luckily for me my wrist has not healed,he thought it was my blood, seeing that Mr Wisdom was there with us, he stood up and took to his heel leaving his two sleeping friends behind.
    I think Mr Wisdom knew that I’ve a lot of questions I want to ask him as he motioned that we head to his office so that we can talk well.
    When we got to his office, I sat on one of the two visitor chairs while he sat on his table facing me.
    we sat there for like 5 minutes waiting for someone to start the discussion, seeing that he is not ready to bring the topic up, I did
    ME : why were you not scared of me, how did you know how to do that, I mean healing with my blood, did you know what I am, how
    MR WISDOM : (intercepting me ) easy boy, one question at a time.
    ME : (cooling my nerve ) did you know that I am not human?
    MR WISDOM : yes
    ME : how and since when?
    MR WISDOM : I knew today and I’ve read about many supernatural creatures and seeing how you were behaving in my class today, I wasn’t sure if I am right, but my gut told me that you are, I have a beastiary collection and according to the book, you were exhibiting some futures of one of the beast in it, I mean a baby one.( he stretch his hand to get a big book on his table and handed it over to me ) everything about supernatural creatures, the power they exhibit, and how to control it is inside here
    ME : (collecting the book from him) does Becky also know about supernatural creatures
    MR WISDOM : she doesn’t know
    ME : (felt a bit relaxed ) but why did you believe that supernatural creatures really exist and why have you taken keen interest in it
    MR WISDOM : there are two reasons for it, firstly, am a history teacher and I’ve came across many history that am sure cannot occur ordinarily, and my main reason for believing it existed was the influence of my grand guy, he loves telling me folktales based on beastiary collection when I was still young, he instilled into me the belief that dreadful creatures walks this earth with us, and with my research, I’ve been able to confirm it
    ME : wow, do you know that apart from me, there is another supernatural creature in Marseille,
    MR WISDOM : yes, he escaped from ancient cemetery and can only transform at night
    ME : (i was amazed by this guy knowledge about beast ) by he, you mean he is a guy
    MR WISDOM : yes, his story is inside that big book in your hand, he is jovacik by name and he has spent more than 250 years on earth
    ME : why was he locked up ?
    MR WISDOM : the book didn’t cover that aspect, but I already have plans on how to destroy it once and for all
    ME : (that statement “destroy ” got my attention ) how?
    MR WISDOM : I will fill you in later ,I think my daughter is looking for you, (he said looking outside through his window, I checked the window too and saw Becky standing near a sculpture there with a worried look )
    ME : Okay, I will call you
    MR WISDOM : yeah, and Ben, be sure that your secret is safe with me and you can trust me
    ME : sure
    I left his office and head out to meet Becky,
    she was happy when she saw me
    BECKY : I thought you left me to go home by yourself
    ME : I can never do that, I was in your dad’s office
    BECKY :doing what?
    ME : telling him about us (i lied )
    BECKY : I’ve told him before and he was cool with it
    ME : (i was very surprised, how can a father accept a beast that lack control as his girl’s guy ) he also told me that, he just told me to make sure I great you right
    BECKY : (blushing ) let hangout at your place tonight
    ME : (I was very happy at her statement but tried to concealed it pretending as if I was thinking about it ) I think I will be less busy then, sure, you can come by eight.
    BECKY : (very happy with my reply pecked me and bid me bye ) see you then.
    I rode home very happy, to hell with Victor and his everyday plan, my life is even more exciting without him, I thought to myself as I rode my bicycle enjoying the pleasant smell the atmosphere is offering me.
    I inserted the door’s password and enter with the beastiary book in my hand.
    I entered my room and sat on my bed, and started going through the book, it has a lot of different drawings of different creatures with their names on it. I got to a page and saw the type of beast I resemble when I transform, the name on it is HYBRIOLF,it sounded cool to me, I saw some write up on it but what stole all my attention was one of the topic under it that says HOW THEY CONTROL THEIR TRANSFORMATION AND THEIR SUDDEN URGE TO KILL, I was very happy when I saw it, if I am able to learn the control, then I will be able to feel at ease and when Becky is with me.
    I saw that one of the main factor of control deals with my change in emotions and how I release myself to some sudden changes in my body, after much trial I was able to transform to beast at my own will and back to human.
    After I’m sure that I am now up to 50% in control of my beast and normal form, I closed the book and started preparing for Becky’s arrival,
    I got a SMS from my mom telling passing her message that she will be home late today.
    Everything is working out for me without stress.
    It was barely night when the doorbell jingle, I checked it and saw Becky, I opened the door for her and I was stunned with how she looked.
    She was the most beautiful girl have ever seen, she was very hot in her skimpy top and jeans that glued tightly to her leg making her a-s bigger than it was.
    After she has settled down, I served her an omelette with an orange juice which she insist that we eat it together . We talked through the meal, after we were through with it.
    I brought out a red wine with two tumblers, I switched on the 18 inches plasma Tv inside the sitting room and inserted a disc that is rated 18+.
    The film mixed with the wine really heightened our emotions, I was ready to start from where I stopped the last time at the hospital.
    It started when she asked me to drink the wine and she will drink hers from my mouth.
    I haven’t tried such thing before but the thought of how naughty it would be sent a signal to my d**k making me getting an hard on.
    I really love as it seems like we were kissing, after we got to the end line of the wine, we started kissing, the kissing was very wild as we quickly got our clothes off as if it was on fire, I grabbed her b—-t and was smooching it,
    I felt her under and saw that she was already wet,
    I was feeling the urge to inhale her wetness, I disengage myself from her boobs and placed my nose on her k—y flesh,
    I got drunk with the smell, I didn’t know how but I just find her pant ripped down on the floor, I was using my tongue to tickle her c——s and she was moaning in ecstasy.
    I was a pro at it, I was eating her p—y and tickling her hard n—–s at the same time, she couldn’t bear the pleasure again as she o—-m wildly, it was coming wave after wave and I made sure to swallow every bit of it. My d–k was already hard and was begging to be free from my short, like she was listening to it, she brought out my d–k slowly and gently,she started sucking it, it was very long would sometimes gag at it, she tried to swallow all my length but couldn’t. I cast away my mind from the pleasure I was wallowing in,in order not to trigger my transformation.
    She was sucking and teasing my ball while I was playing with her hair. I didn’t c-m quickly because have cast my mind from what she was doing . I later came and she did a great job swallowing every splash of my semen.
    I was surprised that I was not weak after o—-m, maybe it’s because am now a supernatural creature,
    my d–k didn’t go limped but was still hard,
    I could see that Becky was surprised at this but I didn’t care.
    I placed her in a doggy position and was ready to enter her from back when the light switched off followed by the roaring of the beast
    To be continue….