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…..Episode 5…..
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The beast with speed shoved me down and I could see myself falling down the 23 storey building with no hope of been rescued.
I was on free ride on the air, I was struggling for survival as I was falling down, suddenly
I felt my claw scraping the brick,
I got an idea there, with much force and pain I insert my claws into the brick but it didn’t stop me from falling, it was just destroying the brick and making pattern on it, suddenly I stopped falling, I think my claws got to a metallic part so it was not able to penetrate it, I was clinging freely on the hospital brick, meanwhile, as I was falling before, I closed my eye, I did that so that I won’t be conscious of when I die, on the new development I opened my eye and saw that I was already on the 7th floor,
I didn’t know why I didn’t fainted, because if it was my normal self, from the point where I fell, I would have passed out.
As I was feeling happy that I’m not going to die again, I think the change in my mood and emotion transformed me back to normal human. it was just like a dream as my claws turn to normal finger nails and released it grip from where I was clinging to, all I knew was that I was already on the floor.
Maybe it was because I was not far from the floor again, I did not die but sustain a little injury which healed before I could feel it.
I was naked and my body is black, it was as if I was painted black, and the painter really did a good work on my white skin because no traces of my white skin could be located.
Nobody even notice me because they all busy running around to save their sorry asses. I remembered my mom and Becky, they were coming to the rooftop before I fell down, I began to panic at once, my mind was filled with many unanswered questions, could the Beast have hurt them, are they safe, hope they didn’t see me fighting with the beast.
The energy supply of the hospital is still out so it will be easy for me to get to my ward without people seeing me naked, I entered the hospital and head to the elevator but it wasn’t working due to the disruption in the power supply. I remembered how it was like I disappear to the roof top earlier, I didn’t know how to do it but I was willing to try. I moved down to the staircase and zero mind to run, it didn’t work as I didn’t take a step away from there, then I decided to run with full speed, I very fast that I was not able to control the speed when I came to an intersection on the stairs and hit my air hard on the wall. I thought I was going to faint but was surprised that nothing happened to me, been a beast is really good, I am now superior to small injuries, I don’t know if it is so to crucial injuries too.
I smile as I try it again and in a second I was in my ward, I sighed a sigh of relief as my ward was empty, there was no one in, I went into the bathroom and quickly wash myself wear another hospital gown which was beside my bed.
I began to panic as I got to the rooftop and found no one there, I saw some traces of blood on the floor, my mind became blank as all sorts of thought was trying to crawl into it but I was waving it off.
My body began to tremble and fear overcome male soul, My mom is the only good thing in my life, what will happen to me if I lose her, what will my fate become, how will I live depending on that animal that calls himself my father, ever from my birth, he has never for ones care for me. My mom is my world and losing her means my world will shattered and I will find myself in a pit which I don’t think I will be able to get out of.
I started surveying the rooftop to see if I will get a clue of what happened there.
But it was fruitless.
My body suddenly became heavy and it seems impossible for my leg to carry it again, I shrugged down to my ward and I was hearing some voice inside my ward ,on getting near, I could decipher clearly that of my mom and Becky,
My happiness knows no bound as I dash into the ward.
They were so happy to see me, it was as if some burdens were lifted from my mom’s body
MOM : what happened son?
ME : (quickly search through my lying box to come up with a good one) nothing serious mom, I was afraid when Becky told me about the Beast and I panic, I ran outside to find somewhere secure to hide.
BECKY : (her mood shows that she was disappointed in me ) so you escaped all by yourself and left me here
ME : I’m sorry, my mind kinda went blank then, I came back for you but yup were not here again
BECKY : I don’t want to hear your silly excuse, and you have the gut to be angry with Victor, you are much worse than him.
ME : (I knew that I have made the wrong picking of lie inside my lying box and I think I am going to lose my crush because of it ) I sorry Becky, I think it was because of the trauma I suffered before I was admitted and I love you more than to desert you and run away to save myself all by myself ( oh s–t, my mouth has worked without the intervention of my brain, what I have beimg keeping since all these days, in a second, my mouth betrayed and snitched on me by saying it, I could see the surprised expression on my mom’s and Becky’s face )
no, I I I mean that I no, it was ( I was known for my smooth dialogue but I suddenly became a stammer )
BECKY : you meant that you love me
ME : no I do, I mean yes, I do
BECKY : ( she moved closer to me and kissed me deeply)
MOM : ( she cleared her throat in order to remind us of her present ) I will go and get the doctor ( she smiled at me as she made her way out and I smiled back )
My mom is my best pal, my partner in crime, she knows all the girls that am boning, and because she always want to monitor, she asked never to bleep any girl outside except our house, I don’t keep anything about my love life from her and she knew of my knew of my feelings for Becky.
The kissing became more intense as mom left us, Becky was a pro in kissing not like my ex Jason, as she was kissing me,her hand was already in my short, my d–k was already at full length, I assisted her to pull her gown off, she was wearing only a pink bra and panty, I unhooked her bra to release her sumptuous big but firm b—-t, I broke the kiss and started sucking her b—-t, I was sucking the right part and was pinching the second’s n—-e , she was moaning loud as I perform my art on her, I was switching the two b—-t at interval, I deep my hand inside her wet pant, she in neat there, I think she shave regularly, I was massaging her p—y lip and was sucking her b—-t at the same time, this time, her moaning even became more intense.
I inserted my f–k you finger into her warm p—y and she grip me tight, she is very tight,I was f..king her slowly with my finger and was still sucking her b—-t. after some time I double the finger and this changed her moaning to screaming, I feared that we might be disturbing other patients with our act and I asked her to lower her voice, she put the pillow on the bed in her mouth in order to curb the noise, after finger f—–g her for 5 minutes, I felt her p—y tightened onto my fingers as she o—-m, I thought the show has ended when she got up after finishing her first wave of o—-m.
But I was wrong as she brought out my d–k from my short and started sucking it, she was also a pro at this unlike Jason, she was sucking and playing with my balls, it was like a payback for what I also did. I could feel the pressure rising in my ball but it took a negative turn on me as I felt myself transforming, my claws started growing and I could feel the change on my face, she didn’t know because her head was busy bubbling up down my s—t.
My mind drifted away from the pleasure I was feeling to death.
The urge to kill blasted my mind like an atomic bomb and I don’t think there is anything that is going to stop me from killing my love.
To be continued