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…..Episode 3…..
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My finger nails was as sharp as a sword and I was ready to slash him into two.
As I stood up to attack him, the power system off, all the electronic gadgets in the hospital went off, I think Becky and Victor did not see me transformed, I could see clearly with my red eye, suddenly I felt Becky hugging like someone in need of protection, I also saw Victor running into
the restroom, I couldn’t understand what was happening, I asked Becky why they were scared.
Becky : from the day you have been admitted here, an animal has been on rampage, some people said it is a beast, and it is faster,and whenever it is going to attack or it is around, the energy supply of that place will switch off
ME : how is that possible?
BECKY : I think the animal always tampered with the power supply before attacking
ME : (I became scared on hearing this, could this be that I was the one that unlock the beast, my mind was occupied with different thought, just then, I heard people screaming in the hospital, I could feel my sense of hearing and smelling heightening, my nostril was filled with different types of blood, I could feel the fear of different people,
then I heard the animal roar, the roaring was so hectic that it shaked the hospital to it foundation, I was also affected by the roaring because I could feel myself transforming fast,
I did not know when I pushed Becky away from me and rushed outside, I was been attracted by an
unknown force to the beast, I have changed completely, my claws was very sharp, I could feel the hospital cloth on my body shredding down, my body was on flame, I could feel my height changing tho I was not that tall but I could feel the change in height.
people I came across were running away from me, some even fainted, my urge to kill was increasing, I didn’t know how but when I tried to run, it was as if I disappeared,I found myself on the rooftop I almost run back when I saw the beast staring at me with a blood shot eye.
It roared loudly and it almost pushed me down the rooftop, I steadied myself to avoid falling down the 23 storey building structure.
the beast was very tall and muscular unlike me, real fire was coming out of its body,
its talked to me in a thunder like voice.
BEAST : at last we meet
ME : (surprised ) what do you mean by that? (I sounded like a baby lion )
BEAST : you are the beginning of this and you must be the end
ME : what do you mean?
BEAST : you will understand on the way to hade.
It charged at me with great speed roaring, I roared back and also charged at it. It was like a cat fighting a tiger, it was series of beating and smashing, when I was lying completely weak on the floor, it came to me and tried to deep it claw into my heart, seeing this, I quickly roll to the other side and channelled all my strength into my fist, I landed it a punch I will tagged Superman punch, I knew it affect it as it fell down, but I was surprised as it quickly got up, I tried to run away but
my speed was like that of a snail compared to the beast own, it got to me fast and strangled me lifting me up with a single hand,
my leg was dangling in the air and I could feel myself losing consciousness, it deep it claw into the downward side of my belly, I screamed very loud and felt fire going inside me, but I think the beast made a mistake
as it action changed my body system, I could feel all sorts of different power going inside me, my size increased tho it was not up to the beast size, my claws grew longer and
sharper than before, little fire was emanating from my body.
The beast on seeing this quickly tried to remove my heart but
I stopped it with all my strength, and released myself from
its hold and slash it face with my claw.
It got healed quickly and and we start our face off afresh.
I knew with my strength now, I have a chance against it. My roaring
was now sounding a little bit matured.
It tried to attacked me again but I dodge it, I punched it on the face, I jumped on it and hooked it on his neck, I was punching
it on his head, and it was trying to free itself from my hold, I got distracted when I heard footstep of people coming to the rooftop
and I could perceive the smell
of my mom and Becky among the people coming.
The beast with speed shoved me down and I could see myself falling down the 23 storey building with no hope of been rescued.
To be continued……