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*****Episode 24*****
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Victor ran in and was very surprised at what he was seeing.
But I made it worse when I transformed and he fainted.
The clothes on my body got shredded as blue flame was emitting from my body,
My mom was whimpering as she struggles to breath with the tongue of Bianca coiled around her neck.
She was in pain and I was short of idea of what to do,
It’s looks like Bianca is with the upper hand and if I act rashly, she might kill my mom.
**” who are you and why are you doing this! ** I said as I finally regain my speech.
BIANCA : I’m a Kintaga ( she replied with a wicked grin ) and I am here for your heart
ME : my heart? ( I replied confused ) that’s what Jovacik also said, Jovacik needs my heart to heal himself but what do you need it for?
BIANCA : Jovacik knows nothing about the use of your heart and it been long I’ve been waiting for you to grow, and I’m very sure am not the only sup.being wanting to devour a real hybriolf heart.
ME : and why will they want to devour my heart? ( I asked moving closer to her )
BIANCA : don’t try to be smart ( she fired at me tightening her tongue more on my mom’s which caused my mom to scream in pain, I moved back to my former spot and she released her hold on my mom a bit )
it will be a pleasure to feel all your curiosity before I kill you ( she said with a wicked grin )
an hybriolf like you is something that shouldn’t have existed, you’re created with a great force which allows you to be supreme to all supernatural being, when you finally get hold of your real power, it will be almost an impossible mission for any being to defeat you except another hybriolf which am sure non existed. Getting to eat your heart which was made up with all the internal and external forces of the earth because of the two sides that you were made of ( beast and human side ) by any being including humans which am sure only few knows about it except those who have strong lineage history that might have heard about the myth from there elder ones who were present in the era that we the supernatural creatures are proud to display ourselves in public without fear of been intimidated , will transfer all your power to the lucky being. I’ve been waiting for 450 years for a day like this,and when i heard about your birth ,i have being waiting for you to become cooked and ready to be dished out before grab you.
ME : (I was very surprised that she could live such a long life ) being a supernatural being is really cool,.I said to myself.
But why didn’t you come for me when I was still a baby or when I haven’t gotten my power.
BIANCA : ( she laughed wildly which kind of send more pain to my mom who was under her mercy but she tried to conceal it ) you’re really the naive type, eating your heart when you have not turn to a beast is very dangerous, a supernatural being will turn to a human and it will kill an ordinary human being that eat it, your first life span is to live as human i.e the first 250+ years you lived was to go through the phase of being a human while the remaining years which I don’t think is going to exist now is to live as a beast.**** { I’ve unlocked a puzzle here, those who don’t know it should please remember what I wrote there, it will make sense later }****
ME : ( meanwhile as she was talking, I was thinking of a better plan to defeat without hurting my mom, I knew that I have speed, I used it when I was fighting Jovacik on the hospital roof the other time but I don’t know how, it just kinda happened then.
I closed my eye quickly linked with my beast self, I asked it how to be faster and he responded it all about my will to do it, I didn’t have problem with his answer as that was not my first time of hearing it. When I opened my eye she just finished her lecturing
BIANCA : time for lecturing is over, it’s time to die now, here ( she threw the scalpel in her hand to me, and I caught it ) as can see, I am not big fan of claws ( she said displaying her long nails ) I don’t have claws to rip your heart out of your chest so am going to do you the honour of opening yourself while I remove it or your precious little mommy here is going to die ( she said tightening her hold on my mom’s neck which made her wriggled more in pain as she was shaking her head negatively which signifies that I shouldn’t heed to her reply.
ME : ( I saw tears streaming down on my mom’s face and it triggered a great deal of anger in me ) I held the scalpel and in a blink of an eye I was in front of Bianca, I cut her tongue with the scalpel and my mom fell down coughing rigidly. I screamed at her to run which she did.
Bianca’s tongue grew back and right in my front she shed off her skin revealing an irritating monster with a long tail that has razor at it tip,
it shrieked loudly and I roared back
As my mom was about to get out of the ward, she directed her tongue towards her but I quickly caught it making allowing my mom to escape, Victor was still lying on the floor, I knew he was still alive because I can hear his heart beat clearly.
I discovered that as I held her tongue with my hand which blue flame was emitting from, the part I held got burnt letting the upper part drop to floor and the remaining part in her mouth refuse to grow which made her shrieked in pain as she withdraw the remaining part of the tongue into her mouth.
No doubt that she was surprised that her tongue didn’t heal. Her mood made me detect that this was the first time she will get injured and will not heal.
**” i think the fire on me is the key to killing her “** I retorted within me as a bright smile escaped my mouth.
I felt a razor hit my cheek and I started bleeding, I saw the razor coming again and that was when I realized that it was her tail, it was too fast to dodge or held and it lashed on my cheek again making the cut deeper than before. But I felt my cell replacing itself inside my cheek but the tail hit me again exactly on the same spot and this time I felt it go beyond the flesh hitting my cheek bone,
I got so angry and rushed towards it but it jumped up and clutched on the Ward’s roof like a lizard. and it attacked me again with her long sharp tail this time on my head, I was surprised that the tail isn’t burning as it was touching, but I thought it was because it was the tip that she was using which I was right about.
She started hovering above me tormenting me with her tail and I seemed to be the losing one.
Then it became unbearable as I felt all my internal organs weakening, it was like I was being poisoned.
She made to attack again with her tail but this time I was the smarter one as I held it with my hand and dragged her down with it.
She was screaming in pain as I held her tail which was melting in my hand, I got closer to her and hijacked her up by her neck,
and deep my claws into her chest gripping her heart.
She was screeching in pain and I felt myself burning her internally.
**” you are going to die too “** she screamed with her last breath as she burst into flame .
What did she meant by her last statement? I asked myself rhetorically as I saw Victor standing up and looking at me with a frightful eye.
I wanted to move closer to him but I saw everywhere spinning faster and my head got heavy as I fell down on the floor as I changed to my human self.
Am I really poisoned, I asked no one in particular as I felt my eye shutting down
To be continued….