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*****Episode 20*****
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I got to the hospital my mom was admitted as the happiest man ever, the two nurses {one of them was super hot, she’s supposed to be a hooker not a nurse, she was very hot in her tight fitting nurse gown, she is blonde and the most amazing thing about her is her voracious a-s, tho her boob is not that bad but her a-s ,am sure will have resurrected a dead man before, she has the shape of kim kardeshian but the only problem with her is that she is older than me in my normal age, so making advances towards her is *a bone on a dog’s neck*} I knew that the two of them i met at the receptionist spot that night must be surprised when I asked of my mom’s condition and they told me that she hasn’t regain consciousness yet, I’m sure they were astonished by my reply and mood
**” wow, that’s cool, thanks “** I replied with large chunks of smile on my lip as I head towards the elevator, shaking my head to the nil sound of music playing in my head, I was not putting on headset but free flow of music was on in my head, I knew the cause of it and am sure you all wanna know it too, as I got to the elevator and click on the floor my mom is, I felt a tap on my shoulder,
I was surprised to see the hot nurse whose name I later got to know was Bianca,
she was standing in front of me with a cute smile that can neutralize a cobra of all its poison just merely looking at her,
I just stood there looking viewing all her body in a seductive manner and I think she noticed it and let out a cool grin, she introduced herself as Bianca , **” Ben is the name “** I replied, she asked if can join me on the ride to my mom’s ward saying she wants to check on her because she is the nurse assigned to her that night, I replied yes, just then, the elevator opened and we entered it, she told me she noticed the change in my mood today unlike yesterday when the ambulance gave my unconscious mom and I free ride to the hospital that I was sad, and the most perplexing things about me was that it seems like I was happy that my mom hasn’t regain consciousness, she asked if she can know the reason
I smirked as I thought of an answer to give her but couldn’t find any and just kept mute praying that the elevator gets to our destination quick to avoid another question which am not ready for. And I can feel my d**k erecting, being in the same place someone as hot as her was really hitting at me, I think it is because of the unfinished romance I engaged in with Nina that is enhancing my hormones to react.
I noticed her gaze that was on my face before has travelled down to my d**k side, she was viewing my bulge with a kind of seductive look,
Seeing her doing this turned me on so much and I felt my d–k rising to its full length.
As fate will have its way, it was as if the elevator hit something leading to a small turbulence and it stopped midway, the emergency light inside it on at once.
I was surprised when Bianca jumped on me like a scared cat, she was very afraid and was shivering, I asked her why she was afraid and she replied that it must be the beast that caused a blackout which led to the premature stoppage of the elevator.
I knew it was not the beast because I couldn’t feel it around and with my super sensitive ear, I knew that the hospital is not in any sort of uproar.
I assured her that we are safe and there is no beast, she doesn’t see ms believe me but I did a good job stabilizing her fear and I need her to get off me because it is becoming unbearable for me to control my urge of tearing her her gown and munching on her a-s, she was resting against me and I’m sure she would have noticed it, but why the hell would she still stay on me, it’s been long since I have s-x and everything and the uncompleted s-x I’ve been engaging in for the past few days was taking it toll on me in the current situation I’m in.
i almost screamed when I felt hand moving against my d–k,
I knew that it was Bianca’s hand, she looked at my face seductively, **” I know you want it “** she said going on down on four, unzipping my trousers, and reaching out for my d–k,
My mind was protesting against this action but my body was welcoming it,
I knew I am supposed to be healing my mom now but the elevator has already added it own quota to what I will like to call my calamity.
Tho I want to bone the hot nurse but it doesn’t seem right, something is off somewhere but my mind can’t conjure the piece together .
As I felt her hand releasing my d–k from my shot, the elevator power came on again and she quickly separate herself from, I think it’s must be because of the cctv installed inside the elevator,
a part of me was happy and the other part was angry, she just added her own quota again, I think I’ve been jinxed with incomplete s-x, or is it a side effect of being a beast?
I asked myself rhetorically.
In a dime of seconds, the elevator opened on the encrypted floor I inserted to it,
after the scene that occurred inside the elevator, Bianca has not made eye contact with me and after we got to my mom’s ward, she just did some irrelevant things and left.
I was very happy when she left, I finally got the time to heal my sleeping beauty,
I moved closer to her and I felt myself being surrounded by guilt feelings,
how can I make her worry so much?
how dare me forgot that I can heal her?
how stupid of me to be making out with girls when my precious jewel is here lying down unconsciously.
All sorts of guilt ridden rhetorical question was bubbling in my mind making ways for tears to stroll down my eye.
I cleared my mind of the questions and the tears from my eye as I removed all the bandages and stuffs that was used in arresting the free flow of blood from her injured part .
I viewed the room to look for something sharp enough to cut myself but was only successful in seeing a stranded scalpel at one side of the room which gat me wondering what it was doing there.
Even tho I’m not that into hospital stuff but I’m sure ,scalpel should be inside the operating room not inside a ward,
I picked it and cut myself letting the blood fall directly on my mom’s injured part.
I was happy when I saw the injured flesh healing and getting back to its normal form.
I saw her opened her eye and closed it back.
That’s a good sign I said to myself as I helped myself to the sole chair in the room reminiscing back into what occurred between me and Nina.
To be continued…