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*****Episode 17*****
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I moved closer to my beast self and held it by it neck as I raised my claw up to slash him dead, an arrow flew out of nowhere and hit my shoulder, I staggered back releasing my beast self from my hold,
I quickly got over the pain and made to kill my beast self again,
But I saw another arrow heading towards me again but this time in slow motion , the point of the arrow changed and Nina head appeared on it,
she was speaking to me but I couldn’t get what she was saying,
As the arrow almost penetrate my shoulder again I held it,
and I was able to hear what she was saying now
**” I trust you, you are better than this “**
was what Nina’s popped up head on the arrow was telling me.
All my anger settled on seeing and hearing from her.
I changed back to human and challenged my beast self to a duel,
the look on his face was that of disappointment, he accepted my challenge and he charged towards me .
I was very scared but I don’t know how I gained the courage to charge at it back,
It was a series of beating from my beast self,
My beast self was fighting kung fu with me, it was not using supernatural power against me but I was still losing,
After 5 minutes of fighting, no, 5 minutes of being trashed, blood was oozing from every part of my body, as I was lying weak on the floor,
But I oblivious of something, some of my blood that was dropping on the floor from my body was disappearing,
When I noticed this, I looked at my dad’s lifeless body on the floor too,
and it was the same, the blood coming out of my dad’s body was also vanishing at its touch on the floor.
This revelation means that none of this is real, I was only in some sort of trance ,
With this discovery, my mind was at ease, my real mom is still alive and I (my beast self ) didn’t kill my dad.
I remembered that am here to unite myself with my beast self and not kill, so I have to be able to control it not by sparring with it but by creating a link with it.
I tried to manipulate my beast self with my mind, ( use mind control since it is part of me )
I was trying real hard to do it but it seems it was not working as my beast self released it claws and was moving toward where I am standing,
I already knew that I’m not going to die even if it slash me with the claws,
its main objective is to make me lose focus which am not ready to.
I conjured all the bad memories of what has happened to me.and people in the past few days when I released the beast, the memories really helped in concentrating on my objective,
especially when I remembered that the reason my mom is in the hospital is because of me.
In the process of trying to create the connection between my beast self, my eye were already closed so am oblivious to what was occurring around me and I don’t know what my beast self is doing
and why it hasn’t attacked me .
I remembered he was heading towards me before with its claws ,but why hasn’t he attacked me?, I asked myself rhetorically.
In order to corner my curiosity,
I peeped through one corner of my eye and saw that the beast was not there again.
But behold, I have changed to the beast myself, the blue flame softly burning in my body, I was now the size of Jovacik, everything seems perfect.
The room changed to white back and my mom’s body vanished while my dad rose up.
I challenged it at once
ME : I know that you are not real
DAD : yes, everything here is not real, it was all made up by you
ME : how?
DAD : this is just an illumination of what’s going on in your mind, you created this room in your mind and everything that appeared here was part of you, and you created every images here with what you have in your mind.
ME : (i can’t seem to understand what he is saying but my mission is already accomplish and that’s what matters and I have to get out of here ) how do I get out of here?
DAD : shut your mind against this place and you are out
I shut my mind against the imaginary world and bam, it worked,
I was still inside the net, but in my beast form, it was already night chirping of cricket filled the air, my sight was already blurred and I could see two figures standing in front of me.
The net I was in caught fire and I fell down,
I was surprised that the two figures were only standing there looking at me without trying to help.
I changed back to my human form and passed out