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…..Episode 11…..
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I was surprised to see a beautiful damsel come in with a small bag in her hand,the girl was beautiful beyond comparison, to hell with # prince_Isabella compare to this girl’s beauty, it looks like it was mother creator that took her time to create her, she was the perfect definition of
flawless, I forgot all my love for Becky at that spot, I didn’t even know that my mouth was already opened, looking at that girl made me forget all s–t I was hearing from Chris, looking at her height, we should be the same age, not minding what someone is telling me,
claiming that a young handsome guy like me is 266 years old, I don’t know what she was doing there but I know I will soon find out,
she moved closer to Chris and said a
sentence that got me
“** here it is dad**”
what the hell, how can Chris be her dad,
it is ridiculous for
a monstrous looking person like Chris to give birth to this goddess of beauty in my front,
and am sure that there is not a single ugly girl that will allow this guy
s-x her not to talk of a beautiful girl allowing him,
Because since this girl does not by any chance looks like Chris, then it means ,she takes after her mother. And that means her mom must be d–n beautiful.
But come to think of it, it might be that it’s because of all the unkempt beards and hair on Chris that makes him
looks like a monster.
“**Ben meet my daughter**” Chris said, drawing me out of my thinking land, she was the one taking care of you when I brought you here, but I sent her to get you cloth from town,
What the hell, so what you meant is that this
girl has seen my nakedness, I didn’t say it out just in my mind. I was just looking at the two of them not knowing what to say. I didn’t know when my mouth started acting on it own without waiting for signal from my brain because what I heard next was myself saying thank you.
I think it was the beauty of the girl that overshadowed my brain, “**you’re welcome**” she replied me, my name is NINA,she said stretching for her hands towards me requesting for an handshake, I shake her, her palm was not soft as other ladies palm that have held.
She handed me the small bag with her and I collected it from her, I found a pair of trouser and a shirt inside it. I thank her as I made to wear it in front of her, “she has already seen my nakedness, so what good is hiding it now” I thought to myself as I wore the cloth.
But she did not even blink an eye as I was wearing the cloth, I was even expecting her turn back as I was wearing it but she didn’t. As I was wearing the trouser which is very big, it looks like my dad’s size, I noticed that her gaze was on my d–k, I smile to myself and continued with my business.
After I finished dressing, I told Chris that I’ve to confirm his story and I will get back to him, I knew that my mom and Becky would have been worried about me. and I don’t want them to notice that I was long gone
because it will seems like
anytime the beast is appearing I’m always disappearing.
CHRIS : you cannot find your way out of this place, so I recommend Nina to follow you
ME : anyhow, I just want to get the hell outta here
CHRIS : okay, Nina, escort him out of here
NINA : okay dad.
I fold the paper sketch that Chris gave to me neatly and put it inside the
trousers I was wearing as Nina and I made our way out of the room.
As we came out of the building, it very dark outside and all I could see was bush, I asked the Nina if the bush path is our way out and she replied yes, I asked her if that was where she passed when she
was going to get me cloth and she
replied yes again, I was dumbfounded, looking at her, I know she is a normal human being, and I that am even a beast, am
still contemplating if I should go or not
and having a companion with me at that.
Then I remembered she is a beast hunter daughter.
I knew am safe with her so I decided to push through with the journey.
I don’t know why but we were awkwardly silent through the journey which is not my style, especially with a beautiful girl.
I decided to raise a topic in order to gain her attention.
ME : is Mr Chris really your dad? (I sounded stupid to myself with the question)
NINA : (she looked at me with the I don’t understand you expression then bursted into laughter ) if he isn’t my dad, are you?
ME : no, am just asking to be sure because you two don’t look alike
NINA :(this time, she looked at me with the are you kidding me kind of expression ) has he shaved in front of you before??
ME : no
NINA : then forget it
ME : ( I search through my brain for another topic that is not gonna hit a rock end like the former one ) looking at you, I can tell that we are of the same age, so which school are you going?
NINA : you gat to be kidding me right, do I look a 250 year old kid to you
ME : ( I got emotionally drained because of how she answered me, she really gat a bad temper for a lady as beautiful as her, I knew what she meant by her reply but she could have answered in a polite manner, I think she noticed the change in my emotion and started replied thus )
NINA : am sorry if I hurt your emotions, I’m 16 years old but I don’t attend school
ME : why ?
NINA : I’m the one to take over from my dad and the only thing I’m learning is how to hunt beast. But he has taught me how to read and write when I was small and I always secretly develop myself in it when am alone
ME : wow, that is you don’t associate with anybody
NINA : yes, I only associate with people selling things in town
ME : (**”that means she doesn’t have boyfriend and I have good chance of winning her if I play my game safe**” I thought to myself ) I don’t know if I will be coming back to your dad, but if I do I might take help you in some aspects of studying
NINA : (she was very happy with what I said and hugged me ) I will be very grateful if you can do that.
We were already far gone in the forest and I could feel my blood running into the veins on my d–k to increase length as she refused to let go of her hand from my neck as she kept on thanking me.
I took that as a go that she wanted me
I looked at her innocent eye as
she was also looking at me back,
I lowered my head towards her sumptuous lips and…..
To be continue….