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…..Episode 10…..
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I heard footsteps of the person that spoke to me earlier approaching me, As I raised my head up, I was surprised to see a monstrous looking man,he should be in his late thirties, the man looks like he hasn’t shave since he was born, but I was surprised where I could have met him
that made his voice sounded familiar to my ear, he offered me a cup he held in his hands which I think contains hot water not until I tasted and it tasted awfully,
I almost spat it out but he insisted I don’t, he said it is a medicine and it will restore all my lost strength.
On hearing my lost strength, I gulped everything down in one sip.
After relaxing a little, I asked the man what his name was and why was he living here, what his occupation is that made him has lot of guns, and how did he knew about the beast.
He said his name is Chris and he is a beast hunter.
CHRIS : my name is Chris and I am a beast hunter, I started staying here since I was young with my dad, he was also a beast hunter and a professional at it. I took over from him and took his duty of clearing this city from any evil tho we do it undercover and nobody knows about my dad and me even his ancestors who passed the job down from generation to generation.
ME : So you mean beast has been in this city for a long time
CHRIS : yes ,but we’ve been successful in eliminating them and keeping the town safe, not until you released Jovacik
ME : you mean the beast I was fighting before
CHRIS : yes
ME : how did you know I released him and how did you know he was attacking me that made you to come to my rescue.
CHRIS : My family has been hunting for many years and killed many beast, but according to how the tales was passed down to me from my father which was also passed down to him by his parents, the story was an ancient one passed down from my forefathers, it was said that you are an hybrid and the son of beast of GEVAUDAN
ME : (that statement “son of beast of GEVAUDAN got my attention ) you meant to say that my dad is also a beast, that explain why he is not always around, he doesn’t want to blow his cover
CHRIS : I am not talking about your fake parents here
ME : (confused ) that beast also said the same thing, care to explain me
CHRIS : according to the history, your father was the guardian GEVAUDAN presently known as Marseille and the only good beast on earth, all others are using their power
to cause havoc, your father married princess Olivia the sister of king jovacik, she gave birth to you and that made you an hybrid, half beast half human, because of jealousy and some other factors, king Jovacik killed your father and mother but before your father died, he changed Jovacik to a NIGHTIOLF, and the only cure that can cure him or turn him to full beast is your heart,depending on how he use it.
ME : (still confused with his confusing story ) I think you have the wrong guy, as you can see, I am not an ancient old freak, am just 16 years old boy living with my mom and I became a beast because of something that bit me when I release that beast, maybe he is even the one that bit me. And my parents is Mrs Marseillaise and Mr Thomas Richard, tho I don’t know why they were using the
same surname because my mom
refused to tell me
CHRIS went to one side of the room and took a paper which looks very old, he handed it to me, it has the drawing of a young people that looks a lot like me, he is very handsome and the picture was a sketch so that means it was not taken with a camera ) that is your dad, that sketch is as old as you, because you are a hybrid, it takes you 250 years to start developing like a normal kid, before your father died, he begged Mr Marseillaise Patrick, an army captain of Paris to look over you, he was the one that conquer GEVAUDAN and renamed it MARSEILLE, because of your condition of growing, taking care of
you became a generational obligation, your mom’s father only gave birth to your mom, that was why she refused to change her surname, in order for the founding family name not to end. We supposed have hunt you and kill you but because of your father’s nature when he was alive, we’ve been sparing you and decided to be taking a keen watch over you till you get your power and see if you will be like your father or not. Ever since you have released Jovacik, I’ve been trying to track him down but it seems impossible but got luck in doing so when I was watching over you and saw him coming to attack you.
ME : (I was getting stuffy even as the room was highly ventilated, my mind was not accepting the revelation been revealed to me even tho it seems Chris is saying the truth.I didn’t know when tears started trooping down from my eye)you are joking right, you cooked all this up in order to caught me right. here I am, just slay me and let end this.
CHRIS : ( laughing wildly ) not so soon boy, you have to become a bully to the society before I hunt you down and even if I wish to kill you I can’t, you are the chosen one, because of the circumstances that Jovacik was transformed, you are the only one that can kill Jovacik, that was why your father told captain Patrick that he should make sure you stay in GEVAUDAN (Marseille) in case Jovacik escape from the ancient tomb. I can only weaken him with my wooden bullets but I can’t kill him
ME : I can’t believe anything you say, ( I stood up with tears in my eye, my wound has already healed,but as I removed the blanket on my body, I saw that I’m naked ) where is my cloth?
CHRIS : you meant the one that was torn when you were transforming earlier, just wait for some minutes, you will have your proof that what I am saying is truth.
He hasn’t finished his statement when we heard a knock on his door, he replied the person at the door to come in.
I was surprised to see……
it was fun seeing you all guessing wrong
let see who will guess this right.
who did I see??
watch out in episode 11
To be continued….