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…..Episode 1…..
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Ben, make sure you go to school early and there is some cash on the table, use it for whatever you need, my mom said almost screaming as she made her way for her working place.
I was already in wonder land, dreaming about having s.x with Becky, the new girl in school, she is the hottest girl in school and this has got her many proposal from different guys including some of my friends and hatred from almost all the gals in school.
I checked down on my shot and saw that it has already defied the law
of gravity as my 8 inches d–k, i know my d–k is bigger
than my age, i am only 16 and from my findings, guys d–k will stop growing at age 21.
My head was coming in motion as i remembered about the little history Mr Camilla Wisdom, our new teacher also father to Becky, they just relocated to Marseille from Canada, and we were astonished when someone not from our place was telling us the we the native of the town know nothing about.
He said that Marseille was not our town name before,
that it was changed to Marseille by Paris when they
conquer it,
he said the back in the olden days, supernatural creatures filled this place and according
to myth,their spirit is still
around, some of believed him
while majority doesn’t.
I don’t know if i believe or not
but one thing is sure, that history caught my attention.
I yawn as i got up from my bed, i checked the wall close in my room ticking away it bitterness,
the time is 7:48 am and I am going to have class by 9.
i picked up my phone
and saw two new messages and 1 missed call from Victor,my best friend, i checked his message and he laid today’s plan for me carefully,
i sighed as i read it finish.
I got into the bathroom and took a quick shower, i got to the dining table and saw a cup of tea with two slices of bread.
I devour it,rested for a bit and took my old but still neat bicycle and rode to school.
My mind was heavy as i rode through the neatly tiled road, I don’t know why but my intuition tells me something pleasant or unpleasant is about
to happen to me. I packed my bicycle at my normal packing spot and made way to my locker to get my books before heading to class, it was as if all my classmates were asked
to come early today because i was the last person to enter,
Victor winked at me as i pass him on my way to my seat,
I couldn’t replied his wink as I saw Becky grinning at me, tho I have not made known to her that i love her because I am scared that it will make things awkward for me if she reject me. I wave at her and sat on my sit, we were having class for Evolution, history class is in the afternoon, our evolutionary teacher, miss Pokus Susan entered and start her boring speech about how
the star evolved,
as the teaching was going on, i felt myself lose consciousness and woke up in another realm,
every where was dark and very cold, it was like I was in a frosty place,
I was shivering and the same time scared, I saw a creature walking towards me, flame emanating from its body, i tried to run
but felt no life in my leg, the creature came to me and called my name in a roaring manner, it lifted me up with one hand,
i could felt all means to oxygen in my body seizing, the creature opened its mouth and
fire came out, as I saw that I am dying slowly, I tried to plead with the creature to spare my life, but my voice was not coming forth.
I tried to shout, please released me but was surprised as I opened my eye and saw all the students in the classroom including miss Susan, unknown to me that I have drifted to sleep and was dreaming, everybody
heard me screaming as i woke up. anything the problem, miss Susan asked and i replied no.
I was really ashamed of myself, how could I embarrassed myself like that ,especially with my crush in class.
As miss Susan end her boring lecture, i couldn’t make any facial contact with Becky and walked outside, the pleasant air outside filled my nostril and my body calmed down.
Victor came to me and we asked me what was that about?
ME : it was a nightmare
VICTOR : in this broad daylight
ME : yeah, i think it was because of that history that Mr wisdom told us yesterday.
VICTOR : i told you yesterday that that man only want to gain our attention by forming a story
ME : but i don’t think so
VICTOR : think anything you like, did you saw my message?
ME :yes, but did you not think it is scary breaking into that ancient cemetery just for some treasures that the rumor is not confirmed
VICTOR : I already knew that you will be scared, but don’t be, nothing is going to happen
ME : what of MR wisdom history ,he said this place was filled with supernatural creatures before, what if that ancient cemetery is harboring them it…..
VICTOR : shhhh!!!, what he said was all fiction
ME : but people has been trying to get into the cemetery for a long time without success and have promised mom not to get into any trouble because of what she went through the last time we got ourselves in trouble
VICTOR : we might be lucky to gain entrance into it and we are not going to get into any trouble, just man up and let go .
Just then Becky came out and asked me if am okay, i think it was because of what happened earlier inside the class
ME : nothing dear, just had a noonmare
BECKY : (smile )early in the morning , are you free
ME : (almost said yes but when I saw the answer yes and you die look no Victor’s face, i replied no
BECKY : (disappointment was clearly written on her face ) alright, see you later
ME : ( i almost called her back when I saw that her killer a-s as she left us and was swaying it with great flow ) going to that cemetery better worth it or else am gonna f–k your a-s today
VICTOR : (laugh wildly make sure you apply ointment when you do.
We both laughed as we got our bicycle from the parking spot.
After 30 minutes of riding, we could see the old cemetery, its looks like it has been here for a very long time, maybe hundreds or thousands of year ago, the structure was still intact but old , I don’t know why it is called cemetery when its outer structure looks like a tomb .
we packed our bicycles and walked towards its entrance, on getting nearer, i knew it was a fruitless adventure, the entrance was covered by a gigantic slab which I’m sure 20 giant cannot pull talk less of two skinny college guys. I asked Victor to let us go but he insisted that we take a closer look, just then my eye a sign at the left side of the entrance, it is the shape of palm, it was well mould.
I asked Victor to place his palm in it maybe it is the key to opening it, he did so but nothing happened, i decided to also try it, i was surprised that my hand fit in as if it was the size of my palm that was used in
moulding it, after placing my palm in it, nothing happened, but when I tried to remove my hand, it
was not coming out, I began to panic and called for Victor help, just then the cemetery became awfully silent, wind started blowing from every corner of the cemetery, every where started shaking, I could see Victor running away while I was unable to remove my hand,
I was already wetting my pant when I felt a bite on my palm , it was like a snake bite, I could feel that my body was stiffening,
i was losing consciousness little by little, I could hear all the metal and every lock inside the tomb unlocking, after losing hope, my palm released from the palm shape keyhole.
Before I could take a step away from there, I fell down and everything blacked out
To be continue….