I can’t believe we walked back to meet a trap already. I froze. It’s just a guy. I should be able to take him out on my own.
From the spot I stood, I could hear his footsteps. As a trained agent, I knew when novice like this guy would move. Just as he was about to get hold of my hands which was on my head, I turned swiftly, gave him a kick into his mid-section and gave him a blow which landed on his face.
He fell down instantly and he still managed to stand up to fight like a man, with his gun knocked away from his hands. He sure can’t match me man to man when it comes to fighting with the hands. Am one of the best in my set when it comes to fighting with bare hands. He tried hitting me with his right fist but I dodged it, giving him an upper cut which pierced his upper lips.
He fell down again and still managed to get up. But I knew he won’t last any minutes with me again. I moved closer to him gain to give him my finishing move which was a brogue kick when I heard a gunshot!
Damn! I’ve been shot
Next morning was sunny and bright. Ola was found awake but was very strength less. He was taken to a place which looked more of a hill path inside the forest and tied up to a tree.
Oga Corper, you are the savior. Mr Hero! The Moses of our time. You want to form Bruce lee abi? You think all those military training dem dey give you for camp, na here be the place for you to explore am abi? Fred said with a stick of Cigarette in his mouth.
Who you be sef? Scorpo said moving close to Ola
How did you manage to kill Neyo? Who you be? Triangle asked with anger
Ola said nothing. He was so tired and he was also bleeding from his leg where he was shot earlier.
Now he hopes for a miracle. There was no how he could save himself, talk less of completing his assignment of saving the Janelle, the Senator’s daughter.
Such is life. How he wished he had listened to his inner self. How he wished he had listened to Janelle. If only he had not come back to save Ahmed.
In no time, Scorpo and Triangle were on him again hitting him with their fist from all angle.
Ola couldn’t ensure the pain anymore and he passed out.
You are too stubborn. My Shadow said
But I had to save him.
At your own peril? Is it? My Shadow said in anger.
There are some things you need to always learn to let go in this life. Not everything can work in your favour every time.
Spare me the counselling please! I said angrily
Open your eyes and close it! He said with command
I can’t. Am weak.
Better shut up and let’s get out of here
Out of nowhere, I opened my eyes then I saw Fred and his guys tearing Janelle’s cloths apart. She was only left with her underwear and I could see her crying bitterly.
Damn! She is about to be raped!