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Good evening readers, We have seen how few individuals have turned peer-to-peer fundraising systems aimed to improve the lives of many people to ponzi schemes only to enrich themselves and defraud users. This has made people very weary of trusting such investment, and the capability of p2p system changing their financial status.

This bad reputation for peer-to-peer systems does not allow the public to believe that there are still people with genuine interest of the average people at heart. People that strongly want to help others achieve financial freedom. Wallet Fortunes is one of such people that are focused on seeing that average Nigerians have a better life

The Team behind this improved system that operates P2P as a sustainable business and platform wishes to educate the average Nigeria on what a P2P scheme should look like. Well intended individuals with various checks and balances with clarity of intention and purpose for Nigerians

Everything You Need To Know About “WALLETFORTUNE” Which Is Built With To Last With Transparency Never Witnessed Once in the P2P industry.

What is Walletfortune P2P scheme??

Walletfortune is a revolutionary peer2peer system, designed with participants at heart to help change the financial fortunes of millions of people all over Nigeria. It’s the brainchild of passionate and enthusiastic individuals who decided to pool their knowledge towards finding a suitable and sustainable vehicle to financial freedom. IT IS BUILT FOR YOU AND ME. Built to accomplish a noble and worthwhile purpose that will see thousands of Nigerians Liberated from the biggest problem we have as a Nation – POVERTY!


The entire WAFO policies can be summarised as this:


SOW FORTUNE (SF) Means: To provide help
REAP FORTUNE (RF) Means: To get help

50% in 14 days
10% down payment
90% Any time btw (2-13) days
RC: 10%
Recommitment: Allowed 24 hrs before Maturity day

Class Of Users

1. Manager – Manager is the highest level in Wafo
2. Participant – Least Level.

A Participant can be promoted to Manager upon having a certain number of active referrals which is pegged at 50.

50 Downlines are required to be a manager however, for the 1st one month anyone that has upto 30 active refer.

Active downlines mean downlines who have running sows in the system.
Inactive downlines will not be counted for qualification.

*Qualification & Upgrade*
When a participant qualifies, he is expected to make a request for change of status through the customer care support..

*Reap Fortune Button*
There shall be a REAP FORTUNE button which stays inactive until the very last second of the 14th day.
Then it goes active and turns green (possibly)

The participant clicks and gets a message. “You shall be matched within 48 hrs”

Every category of participants is expected to make a RECOMMITMENT.

Recommitment can be made not earlier than 24 hrs before Maturity.
Once a participant pays his recommitment, he is qualified to reap fortune on maturity.


1. *Members/Participants*
Only enjoys 3% on the very first sow of a direct downline.

2. *Managers*
Enjoys the following
3% – Direct referral
2% – 2nd generation
1% – 3rd generation

You can not withdraw a referral bonus which is more than your last SF(SOW FORTUNE) value.

E.g if i sowed 50k.
And my ref bonus is 60k.
I can only withdraw an amount equal to my last sow which is 50k. While 10k remains and can keep accumulating.


A participant can have only one running sow at a time.


Of course the curious question of the safety of your funds comes to your mind. WAFO guarantees a strong security for its platform. We are a client of one of the best internet security providers. In addition, our system is capable of sustaining over 20 million users with further upgrade when required. Hence the problem of system congestion eliminated.

The team behind WAFO is focused on seeing that the living condition of average Nigerians is improved way beyond how it is now. Contrary to the last wave of p2p network’s seen in 2016, WAFO aims to make this one last for a long time.

Jump on this train with them towards freedom — Freedom to make choices without fear of compromise. Freedom of not taking the other alternative to your happiness.
Financial Freedom that will ensure that EVERYTHING you ever dream of is achieved

Website Url: www.walletfortunes.com

Walletfortune.com Is Launching On September 1st

Also Kindly Follow Them On The Social Media Below For Updates

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/M-lrekmdcKapmM5GVc5XkQ

WhatsApp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KQzO3vz0qlQC3bnFAtABsS

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wallet-Fortunes-2831028176913161/

If you also have any pending question about Walletfortune,Kindly use the comment box below and I will be willing to give you a reply.

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