Dark Reflection Season 2 Episode 1

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#Party. -7:36pm
This story begins at a disco party as every one
danced to the rocking beat which was going
gaga crazy.
Stefan was around juliet moving his leg form
one side to another, while juliet twisted her
body around him, he feel blushed dancing like
a idiot.
Stefan was hot and handsome than before. He
was in complete black, which is best for his
Shane and Jane were also dancing.
Shane in same combination with Stefan.
While jane and juliet were also hot in their
combination but differs from each other.
#Road -10:30pm
After the party, every one went to their homes
while Stefan and friends trek to bus stop
where they will bought a taxi that will drive
them to their destination.
On their way they meet some five men in
white. They walked by as one of the men
named Lord craft called on them. The teens
were carried a way by their discussion as the
lord craft call again
“Hello ladies and gentlemen” the lord craft
called “please we seek your help”
Stefan turn back with others “good evening
sirs” Stefan greeted “how may we be of help
to you”
“We are strangers looking for a dominance
where we can buy to live .”
Said the Lord Craft ” if there is a way we can
get on far from the city”
“Um maybe you should try some men in that
junction they can help you” juliet said
“Okay I smell that all of you are children of
the moon” the lord craft said after suspecting
they are Supernaturals.
“What do you mean by that sir” asked stefan
“we are student and Children of human
beings my mom is doctor and I live on earth
not in the moon.” Stefan said rejecting their
“I know you are human being, but you”
pointing to stefan”you are a wolf while the
rest and Foxfire that is werefoxes”
Said the lord craft
“Who are you?” Shane asked trying to be
“We are children of Apocalypse (Destruction).
We are sent by Mufasa to satisfy all creatures
with all what they want, by selling them: spell,
blood and many things Creature
demands we have the power to make them
and sell to them. . We are also magicians, And
we the wisdom of creatures we have
informations of strange event to those who
seek for the knowledge of it” the lord craft
“Let us get out of here, this man is insane”
juliet advice, holding Stefan’s hands.
Stefan couldn’t talk he was just looking at
them as they all walked out of their sight.
The lord craft shake his head and smile at
“Let keep moving I am sure we shall find a
place” the lord craft commanded his
#hospital -10:59pm
Mrs. Ambrose will be busy with hospital work.
She has ready has her own private hospital
and she employ Doctors working with her.
She watched a young handsome boy help a
woman in her 40s as he help her gentle to sit
on the bench. The boy look at her and
walked towards her.
“Hi, my name is Kane. My mom is kinda sick
and she need to be take care of” Kane said
“Okay,bring her in here.” Mrs. Ambrose said
entering a room. “Lie her gently on the bed”
kane did as he was instructed as Mrs.
Ambrose take a look at her.
“I will have to take some of her blood samples
for test and that would cost you”
She said
“It is alright Dr. Mrs. Ambrose, I d pay for that,
just do your job” kane replied.
“How did you know my name?” Mrs. Ambrose
asked in a confused look.
“I know your son” Kane said
“Are you his friend?”
“I am not his friend, but I am his partner lord
of the Air”
“Lord of the Air? What does that mean?”
“Um nothing” as he snapped back ” can you
please do your work” kane replied leaving the
To come across stefan who walked in with a
box in his hand. Kane hid his face and stayed
not to be noticed he know that Stefan can
recognise every lords around him even if he
have not seen them before.
Mrs. Ambrose come out to see her son with a
welcoming hug from Stefan.
“Hi” Stefan greeted
“Hi did you go to work to day?” Mrs ambrose
“Yea we had an experiment on a rat” Stefan
“Good thanks for the dinner see you
tomorrow” Mrs Ambrose. Said “and remember
to lock all doors”
“I will” Stefan said leaving looking at Kane
who nod to say hi and Stefan replied nodding.
It seems Stefan didnot recognised him.
Immediately there was scream in the hospital.
Stefan look back as everyone were going to
the direction to see what happened.
Getting there a patient just passed out in the
hospital room.
“Death I am out of here” stefan said as Kane
watch him leaving.
He wish he could help the dead patient but he
dare not reveal his secret.
While Stefan was moving out when a little girl
with blinded eye hold his trousers.
Stefan look at her in “what the hell”
“Please help me I want to see again” the girl
“But I am not a doctor, I am a teenager”
Stefan said ignoring to be questioned
“Yes I know that is why I want you to help me,
I believe in you my spirit said I should believe”
the girl said crying
“But there is nothing I can do” he watch her
touching his body all about, she is blind he
can’t blame her “fine who said I can help you”
“It is my spirit” she rePlied
“Your spirit? Why me?…… fine”
Stefan was relieved he look every where to see
if there is anyone looking him but everyone
were concentrated on their business
Stefan glow out his Eye gold as he speak
“Open your eye I command you”
The girl open her eye and she start seeing.
This two event become coincidence, as the girl
dead raised from the dead and the one blind
receive sight.
This time stefan as disappeared in the
hospital even the Patient that is said to be
dead raise up.
Stefan was out side the hospital hearing the
joyful noise of the people.
“Thank you Mufasa” he appreciated mufasa
for granting him a such power to heal the
blind girl.
#Street_2. -11:09pm
Reuben house was along the street in the
The house were hanged pictures on the wall
the floor were tiled, Reuben was busy with his
computers stuff.
Reuben’s Mother and father were sleeping
inside when Reuben heard a sudden scream.
He come out and heard his mom and Dad not
screaming anymore but he see a man in
holding an Axe, stained with blood and
dropping of each blood from it sharp edge.
The Axe man also look at him. He quickly
enter his room and lock the door as he listen
to the axe man footsteps approaching.
“Are you aware of what just happen to your
mom and Dad. Yes same will happen to you.”
He said with a growling voice
Reuben was shaking all over him. He put on
cloth as he listen when the Axe man continue
“But I will give you two choice Reuben. Use
you hand to smash the mirror and I will turn
around walking away. Or I should come in
there to cut you down like your parent. choose
Reuben was looking at the mirror right in
front of him as he smashed the mirror with
his hands. The Axe man forcefully brake into
the room and find. no one he look through
the window and see Reuben run away with
blood stained in his

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